Westport Garden Club Board of Directors 2018-2019

Westport Garden Club Board of Directors 2018-2019



If you love gardens and gardening and seek a group of like-minded people, consider joining our Club.
Feel free to attend an Open Meeting and get to know us better. We welcome you!

For general inquiries, please contact westportctgardenclub@gmail.com

To make a donation:

If you are interested in supporting the mission and projects of the Westport Garden Club but don’t have the time to commit to membership, please consider making a donation to the Club. All funds raised by the Club are dispersed, either through philanthropy or for the maintenance of gardens. As a Club with a very small annual budget, any donation, small or large, will help us to carry out our mission—beautifying the Town of Westport and protecting its environment.

Please mail your check, payable to Westport Garden Club, to:

Katje Donovan
22 Prospect Road
Westport, CT 06880